Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Home with a Wild Heart

The Home with a Wild Heart

Awhile ago a concept for quite a 
different home occurred to me.
Imagine at the centre of your home, a 
glass shaft approximately four by four 
metres wide going up through the roof.  
In this space there are plants growing 
and areas of double glass where fish 
can swim around. There could also be 
a couple of small birds flying around, 
with perhaps a couple of frogs and 
lizards moving through the dense 
The peacefulness created by the cool, 
calm greenery of such a shaft of glass, 
would make it a worthy area to have in 
a home. I have designed and built a 
couple of homes with a central atrium 
and have noticed that the plants thrived 
extremely well in these well protected 
areas.  Another bonus of this idea is; 
as the land sizes get smaller, wouldn’t 
it be great for young and old to have a 
mini eco centre right there in the middle 
of the house, in arms reach of the living 


The health of this internal garden will be 
a great source of learning. Things to 
consider are soil, air and water. Then
there’s climate, feeding, housing, 
breeding and various other things that 
you and the children can work on. 

At the end of the day; just imagine 
coming home after a busy day of work 
and then as you open your front door, 
you are greeted by a peaceful haven 
of plants and fish and birds. What better 
way to have some contact with nature 
than to have it in the middle of the home 
. . .  a world of live ‘wildlife’ in the 
home with a wild heart.

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