Friday, September 26, 2014

Thinking of buying a block and building a house on it?

Well then consider having me look at the block you're interested in.

Coupled with the sort of house you're thinking of building, I can give you the for and the against. Some blocks aren't sympathetic to some ideas or plans, not to mention the budget. Especially in the Albany Region, there are soil variables, drainage issues and even block size potential problems. For example imagine a large family home with need of three or so car spaces on a 300 or less square metre block, on a slope with a mix of clay soils, sand and rock. It can get awkward and expensive. Also, if you just bought the property and paid the stamp duty etc, and then find it doesn't work well . . . Well with my three plus decades of experience in the building industry, designing, drafting, site reports, assisting Engineer's, soil testing and building - an awkward and/or expensive situation may be avoided.

At least it may be worth considering, for the cost of a site visit and a consult/report. Phone or email me for an idea on my fees, which will depend on how far the site is and how much time is needed. A visit in Albany on an moderately easy block would be around $200. A cliffhanger in Denmark – more.

 [0427] 211 277

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